Our Past Litters


Alaska was rescued from a North Carolina high kill shelter in 2013. As she was days away from having her litter, Pilots N Paws came to OUR rescue transporting Alaska via airplane to Orlando.

Alaska was in Florida less than 48 hours before whelping 9 puppies, eight would survive in the “den” on the property of the University of Doglando. Alaska and 8 puppies were with us for 16 weeks receiving total care, socialization and training before heading to the adoptive families. And with this, Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. was born. Alaska (momma); Juneau, Kenai, Kodiak, Moose, Denali, Aurora, Bear, Talkeetna (pups).


Due to the remarkable success of the “A” litter, we were once again called upon to assist with a momma who already had whelped 5 puppies. She was left in a high kill shelter in N. C. and Doglando Foundation stepped in to rescue them. On this occasion, transportation was coordinated between Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. and a local N.C. rescue. Momma and the 8 pups were picked up and brought to the den. Upon arrival in Orlando, the puppies were socialized and trained by Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. volunteers and the puppies were also permitted to participate in Camp Doglando. Maggie (momma); Pina, CJ (Calico Jack), Maya, Chowder, Kalik (pups).


Along with the Bahama puppies, we also accepted 3 other pups who were left in the North Carolina shelter (without a mother). They too were transported to Orlando and participated in Camp Doglando with the Bahama litter. Rio, Aspen, Nugget (pups).


While we were caring for litters B and C in 2014, we were approached by Seminole County (FL) Animal Services to assist a pregnant dog. This dog was found wandering around Sanford, FL and was in need of immediate care.

We accepted her into the Puppy B.R.EA.T.H. program and momma whelped 4 pups within days of her rescue. One of the most amazing experiences with this litter was that one of the pups was fostered by a volunteer and subsequently adopted by her family in the Netherlands. This was just the start of making Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. a worldwide entity! Dorothy (momma); Toto, Munchkin, Ozzie, Glinda (pups).


We were contacted by a local agency about a dog in the Bithlo community who was thought to be pregnant. This dog was apparently seen wandering the area for years. The initial evaluation by the veterinarian was unable to determine if she was in fact, pregnant. However, we were determined to find this beautiful dog a loving home. Subsequently, she was determined to not be pregnant, and Allie was adopted by a wonderful family in Winter Park, FL. who owns a “doggy” business.


We’ve made many contacts with rescues throughout the years and were very pleased to be contacted by a rescue in Puerto Rico (All Sato Rescue) that had eight puppies who were in desperate need of care.  This rescue was very familiar with the Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. program and hoped that we would consider accepting these puppies.

In 2015, this litter was flown from Puerto Rico and was enrolled in the program. Once again, the puppies were given the most excellent care, socialization and were subsequently placed into loving homes. This litter has had annual reunions ensuring that all the pups get to “reunite” with their littermates. Augi, Sato, Yulee, West, Amelia, Key Lime Pie, Sunny Day, and Blossom (pups).



In 2015, we worked with All Sato Rescue again to bring 4 pups to our Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. program. They were in need of a nurturing environment until they were ready to join a forever home. They flew to Miami at around 8 weeks of age and spent several weeks together in our den before going to fosters for additional socialization and exposure to new experiences. All four were adopted into loving homes. Dalton, Vidalia, Peaches and Savannah (pups).


In May 2017, we were contacted by All Sato Rescue in Puerto Rico about an amazing young mother dog and her 8 pups. Not only had this momma been an amazing and nurturing dog to her pups but she also accepted two additional newborn pups that had lost their mom. She nursed them along with her own. Although All Sato Rescue could have sent this momma and litter to a sister shelter in the U.S., they knew they would all be split up immediately and they did not want to see that happen. In June 2017, mom and pups all flew from Puerto Rico to Miami and officially joined the Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. program. They spent several weeks in foster homes working on socialization and adjusting to a new environment while having regular visits with their mom and siblings. Honolulu “Lulu” (momma); Tiki, Hula, Lani, Kane, Kona, Pearl, Moana, and Maui (pups).


In July 2017, All Sato Rescue called on us again to help them with a pregnant dog. Ireland flew from Puerto Rico to Miami and we welcomed her at the den and helped her adjust to her new home while waiting a few weeks for the puppies to arrive. Fortunately, Ireland whelped 6 healthy puppies and we spent the next 12 weeks caring for, socializing, training and preparing them for their new homes. All six puppies and momma have found their forever homes. Ireland (momma); Shandy, Lucky, Mollie, Finn, Parker O’Malley, and Guinness (pups).